Thursday, May 10, 2012

MEP Deactivation - Calgary Metal Recycling Fire

The Municipal Emergency Plan has been deactivated with respect to the Calgary Metal Recycling fire at 0115 hrs on May 10, 2012.

The fire at Calgary Metal Recycling has been extinguished, and while clean-up efforts will continue for several days, Ogden Road between Bonnybrook Road and 38 Avenue SE will reopen for the Thursday morning commute.

On Wednesday, four businesses were evacuated as smoke and ash was blowing directly in the direction of those businesses.  With the fire now extinguished, all affected businesses will be allowed to reopen Thursday morning.

The emergency activation lasted 10 days.  The fire site was complex in that crews had to move 80,000m3 (75% of the materials on the lot) in order to get to the fire itself so that it could be put out.  Firefighting, efforts to minimize smoke and dust, as well as ongoing air monitoring required a high degree of coordination amongst a multi-disciplinary incident response team.

“We are pleased that the fire is now out and that there were no injuries,” said Calgary Emergency Management Director Bruce Burrell.  “While no one wants to see an event of this nature prolonged, we are satisfied that we took the proper precautions, working as safely and quickly as we could to ensure the safety of all businesses and residents, and mitigating any damage to the environment.”

Burrell also noted the collaborative efforts of partner agencies in responding to the incident.  “We experienced excellent response from City departments, provincial agencies and from the site owners and their contractors, as we all worked together to safely handle the incident.”

The City of Calgary would like to thank the public, local businesses and residences for their patience during this event.

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