Thursday, May 17, 2012

Parking in Bridgeland: UPDATE

On May 15, 2012, Transportation reported on the expansion of the parking trial project in Bridgeland aimed at helping out small businesses in the area. Below is a follow up, with up to date information about this project.

How does The City manage Calgary’s parking?

Currently, The City works with communities like Bridgeland as issues are identified, with respect to parking in the area, to ensure business activity is facilitated and parking can be made available for customers. As a way to continue providing a consistent and fair approach to managing parking in Calgary, The City is working on a broader commercial on-street parking policy for all areas of Calgary.

Transportation has been working with the Calgary Parking Authority (CPA), the broader business community, business revitalization zones (BRZs) and various members of Council to define how these parking policies can be implemented, monitored and the effects of these policies on each community.

The forthcoming policy will set clear expectations around how The City manages on-street space for local businesses. The policy will focus on establishing that parking space in the city is being efficiently used through time restrictions and pricing tools where necessary, as well as facilitating parking for customers – ultimately benefitting local business owners in the area.

Why are the trials taking place in Bridgeland?

At this time, Bridgeland primarily serves its local community rather than being a “destination” spot for residents from outside the area, unlike some of Calgary’s inner-city, higher volume communities. Conducting parking trials along General Avenue N.E. and 1 Avenue N.E. will allow The City to collect data about how to best serve that community and the local businesses as it continues to grow.

The parking trials in Bridgeland will take place over the period of one year. Visitors are encouraged to register their parking sessions to either General Avenue or 1 Avenue through the ParkPlus machines. Signs will be installed giving direction on how to register a parking session. After the trial has ended, the new policies will be in place and Bridgeland, like all business areas, will be evaluated against them.

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