Friday, May 4, 2012

Pedal to Power: Calgary Science School Carbon Neutral project

Students at the Calgary Science School with their Carbon Neutral project
Students at the Calgary Science School are learning just how much energy we use on a daily basis.

Through their recent Showcase School project, they've developed a greater appreciation for just how difficult it is to go off the grid: the idea was to make their classroom carbon neutral by powering it with a stationary bicycle.

Students took turns pedaling, and it didn't take long for them to realize just how much energy it takes to power their classroom. In fact, it was determined they'd need four bicycles - pedaled at the same time - to make it carbon neutral.

“The biggest impact this project has had on students is that they have more appreciation for how much energy we use in our classroom and it enforces them to have more awareness of energy conservation,” explains Greg Neil, Grade 5 teacher. “Because of this project, I’ve noticed a big change with the students taking simple actions to reduce wasteful electricity.”

Their Showcase School project, Carbon Neutral, will be part of the 2012 Mayor’s Environment Expo, and includes an interactive display of the Weaselhead powered by their unique stationary bicycle.

The 2012 Mayor’s Environment Expo takes place June 5-7 at the Municipal Building.

All showcase schools qualify for a $250 grant from Encana to help with their projects.  Free transportation to and from the Expo is provided by Calgary Transit.

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