Thursday, May 17, 2012

Reducing waste: It’s more than recycling

What are you doing to cut down on the waste you send to the landfills? What are you doing to encourage others? The Eco Club students at Blessed Cardinal Newman might just inspire you to do more.

As part of their Showcase School project for the Mayor’s Environment Expo, a team of Grades 6-9 students are implementing a waste reduction program in their school. They understand that reducing waste can substantially minimize our impact on the environment – and that they have a role in this.

One of their initiatives is to encourage recycling at lunch. Every noon hour, the students monitor the recycling bins and talk to their peers about the proper way to recycle.

“To date, we have 600 pounds of recycled waste,” says teacher, Tara Hobart. “We’ve never recycled at lunch time before so this is a new learning curve for all the kids in the school. It’s really increased awareness on the recycling program and how much stuff we can recycle.”

But the Eco Club is learning that there’s more to reducing waste than recycling – it’s also about reducing and reusing.

They’re putting this learning into practice by leading on waste free lunches, educational presentations, paperless campaigns, and even creating garbage-inspired art.

As a result of their determination and creativity, they’re seeing bigger bags of recycling, less garbage and less waste all together. And they’re also helping The City reach its goal of diverting 80 per cent of waste from the landfills by 2020.

Join us at the 2012 Mayor’s Environment Expo, June 5-7 at the Municipal Building and be inspired by today’s youth leaders.

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The Mayor’s Environment Expo thanks Encana and Calgary Transit for their partnership in the Showcase School program. Encana is sponsoring a $250 grant exclusive to the Showcase Schools. Calgary Transit is providing Showcase Schools with free transportation to and from the Expo.

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