Friday, May 11, 2012

Sunnyside CTrain Station Construction

Calgary Transit wants to remind customers that there is no ramp access to the Sunnyside CTrain station during construction.

Work started April 16 to expand the station to accommodate four-car trains, install a new traction power substation for increased power demands, and upgrade surrounding park space. The new station will also have improved lighting and furniture, and allow for better pedestrian flow.

While the station remains open during construction, customers who require ramp access should use Lions Park Station, 7 Street Station or 8 Street Station until construction has been completed and the site is deemed safe.

“Safety concerns and space restrictions at the Sunnyside Station construction site prevent the installation of a temporary ramp to accommodate customers with limited mobility and those people with strollers,” said Calgary Transit spokesperson Ron Collins. “There is unfortunately no room to build a temporary ramp with the slope required for wheelchair access.

“We understand this is causing some concerns and apologize for any inconvenience. Calgary Transit is making every effort to expedite the construction and reopen the new permanent ramps as soon as possible.”

Prior to construction, The City met with affected stakeholders and hosted public meetings to share project information and outline the temporary access restrictions. Site signage has been placed at a number of stations about the temporary restrictions and information is available online.

Construction on the station will be complete in the fall of 2012.

For more information on the project, visit the Sunnyside Station construction page on Calgary Transit’s website or call 403-262-1000.

Suggested Alternate Ramp Access Route Info:

To and from Lions Park Station: Route 405 (Pickup/drop-off located on the west side of 9a Street N.W. between 3 Avenue and 4 Avenue. Please confirm with the operator that it is the route to Lions Park Station.)

To 8 Street and from 7 Street Station: Route 9 (To downtown pickup is located on the west side of 10 Street N.W. between 4 Avenue and 5 Avenue. From downtown pickup is located on 7 Avenue S.W. at 6 Street.)

If you require assistance to plan your alternate route please call our customer service line at 403-262-1000.

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