Monday, May 7, 2012

Update on Calgary Metal Recycling - May 7

Work to manage the smouldering auto-fluff fire at Calgary Metal Recycling continued throughout the day. Progress has been positive on two fronts: completing the transfer of cooled material away from the involved areas and significant suppression efforts on portions of the main fire.

The Calgary Fire Department, supported by other City business units and contractors, were able to increase efforts in attacking the fire now that much of the material has been cooled and removed to another site. Removal of the cooled materials was an important step in allowing fire fighters to safely move towards more aggressive exposing and suppression activities by isolating as much potential ‘fuel’ as possible. Throughout the day crews had to suppress flare ups to prevent possible auto-ignition of the remaining pile. Fire fighting, along with the efforts to minimize smoke and dust and ongoing air monitoring, required a high degree of coordination between City Of Calgary resources, Provincial agencies and various contractors.

The strategy is now to expose the most heated portions of the pile by pulling heated material away from the pile and quenching it with water. The effects are similar to putting a campfire out. Efforts will continue throughout the night with the expectation of reaching the hottest portion of the pile sometime tomorrow evening.

As the work continues, smoke conditions may vary with wind patterns and weather conditions. Air quality continues to be monitored to ensure public health is not at risk. Individuals who may be experiencing odour-related irritation (particularly of the nose, eyes and throat) can get more information at: for tips on managing fire-odour irritations.

While progress continues, this fire remains a very unique event with a number of variables impacting the speed of a resolution. The Calgary Fire Department and its partners are working as safely and quickly as possible to minimize risk to the public, environment and surrounding businesses. The City of Calgary appreciates the patience and cooperation of Calgarians.

To facilitate the operation and for pedestrian, cyclist and motorist safety, Ogden Road S.E. from Bonnybrook Road S.E. to 38 Street S.E. remains closed. There continues to be access for local business. Transit route detours for Routes 24 and 302 remain in effect.

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