Thursday, May 10, 2012

Wrap Up: Calgary Metal Recycling Fire

The City of Calgary would like to thank the public, local businesses and area residents for their patience during the Calgary Metal Recycling fire. The safety of the public and responders is always the top priority. The City of Calgary is happy to report that there were no injuries reported during the incident.

Clean up of the properties and streets adjacent to the Calgary Metal Recycling took place today. Activities included street sweeping and the maintenance and removal of emergency response equipment.

The City of Calgary’s Mobile Command Centre has left its temporary post at 29 Ave. S.E. and 11A Street S.E. The Calgary Fire Department will keep a truck on site to continue to monitor the demobilization of the incident site until this evening.

The Calgary Fire Department has now handed over the responsibility for the clean up of the Calgary Metal Recycling site to the business owners. The City of Calgary will continue to work with Calgary Metal Recycling to establish a safe return to its work environment.

The Calgary Fire Department acknowledges the hard work and cooperation demonstrated by the contractors hired by Calgary Metal Recycling to assist in managing this challenging, deep, smouldering fire. This was a very unique fire for Calgary and, to our knowledge at this time, in Canada. A cautious and systematic approach to suppress the fire was required. The City of Calgary’s operation costs for this emergency response are not known at this time.

This will be the last daily media update on this Municipal Emergency Plan activation.

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