Thursday, June 14, 2012

Animal & Bylaw Services reminds Calgarians about the No Cost Spay / Neuter program

June is “Adopt a Cat Month” and with the large number of cats at the Animal Services Centre waiting to be adopted, Animal & Bylaw Services encourages animal lovers to adopt a fantastic feline from a shelter or rescue organization to give these cats a second chance at loving, forever homes.

To help control this cat overpopulation problem, we want to remind Calgarians of the importance of spaying and neutering their pets and the programs that are available to assist low income pet owners.

“When people adopt from us, spay/neuter surgery is included in the adoption fee, so we encourage cat lovers to come down to the Animal Services Centre, visit the cats we have available and hopefully take one home,” says Bill Bruce, Director of Animal & Bylaw Services.  “For pet owners whose pets need to be spayed and neutered, I encourage them to look into accessing our no cost program.”

The City of Calgary Animal & Bylaw Services’ No Cost Spay/Neuter Program was launched in October, 2010.  To be approved for the program, pet owners must submit an application demonstrating their eligibility.  The M.E.O.W. Foundation, a Responsible Pet Ownership partner, also offers a low-cost spay/neuter program for cats called SNAP.

Spay/neuter surgery not only reduces pet overpopulation and the thousands of homeless and unwanted animals that end up in shelters every year, it reduces or eliminates disease, infection and cancer of the reproductive system.  Pets are more sociable, affectionate and content.  They are also less likely to fight or exhibit aggressive behaviour.

Come and see the adoptable cats at the Animal Services Centre located at 2201 Portland Street S.E. and give a deserving cat a forever home.

Help prevent the number of cats in our shelters and rescue organizations in the future.  Visit and search “No Cost Spay/Neuter Program” to download an application or call 3-1-1 for more information.

Call the MEOW Foundation at 403-230-6033 or email to learn more about SNAP.

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