Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Calgary Police Commission Citizen Survey

The 2012 Calgary Police Commission Citizen Survey is underway to determine public experience with and perception of the Calgary Police Service, 

During the survey period, Calgarians who have been selected through random sampling, will receive telephone calls from Illumina Research Partners asking a variety of questions about satisfaction with the Calgary Police Service and perceptions of crime and safety in Calgary.

“The Calgary Police Commission 2011 Citizen Survey results showed very strong support for our Police Service, however, as part of our oversight role, we need to ensure that the Calgary Police Service continues to meet the needs of Calgarians," said Mike Shaikh , the Commission Chair.

As part of its oversight role to provide efficient and effective policing, the Calgary Police Commission took over the Citizen Survey process from the Calgary Police Service in 2008. This enables the Calgary Police Commission to better communicate with residents of Calgary and respond to policing concerns they may have.

The Calgary Police Commission provides civilian oversight to the Calgary Police Service. Under the Police Act the Calgary Police Commission establishes policies to provide for efficient and effective policing; in consultation with the chief of police, allocates funds provided by City Council; and monitors the complaint process.

The Citizen survey process begins June 26, 2012 until August 20, 2012.

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