Thursday, June 7, 2012

City monitors spring melt

The City of Calgary continues to monitor spring snow melt conditions in the Bow and Elbow Rivers.

If weather conditions continue as forecast there is cautious optimism that potential flood risks can be safely managed.

The most pressing concerns at present are that Calgarians treat the current rapid water flows on the City’s waterways with extreme caution.

Bow and Elbow rivers advisory

A combination of recent rain fall and continued snow pack melting in the mountains has resulted in rapid flow and increased debris in the Bow and Elbow rivers – creating conditions that are hazardous for anyone on the water.

The Calgary Fire Department (CFD) advises Calgarians against partaking in boating activities or placing any type of watercraft on these waterways until further notice.

As fast-moving water can cause the banks to collapse, Calgarians are also advised to stay off of river banks.

CFD is also issuing an additional caution that increased water levels and flow rates may increase the hydraulics on the Class 2 and 3 rapids at Harvie Passage. This means that an increased level of experience and skill is required by those attempting to clear the rapids.

All river users are advised to use extreme caution and to know the risks. Conditions on the river can change quickly. All users should be prepared for a variety of conditions and should always be wearing a life jacket or PFD on the water.

Glenmore Reservoir closed to recreational users

The City of Calgary has implemented a ban on recreational uses of Glenmore Reservoir.

The water level has been dropped to accommodate heavy flow from upstream caused by the recent rainfall.

In the interest of citizen safety, the public is asked to stay off the Reservoir until further notice. The condition of the Glenmore Reservoir will be reviewed on a daily basis.

Updates are available on at this website.

City of Calgary Parks and Pathways

City of Calgary Parks are monitoring all parks and pathways. At this time, all pathway underpasses along the Bow and Elbow Rivers are closed due to high water levels, and will remain closed until further notice.

Updated pathway closures due to flooding are available on at this website.

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