Wednesday, June 13, 2012

City programs sustaining a brighter, cleaner future

The City of Calgary was recently awarded “Outstanding Governmental Governing Body or Individual” by the Canadian Network for Environmental Education and Communication (EECOM).

The EECOM award recognized programming made possible by The City’s Environmental and Education Initiatives (E&EI) team. The E&EI team’s programs inspire positive change through education and strive to strengthen the development of an ecologically-literate population

The E&EI team collaborates on such projects as Encana EcoAction School and the Nature School in partnership with a variety of organizations.

“Our partner programs encourage students to think outside the box and gain a greater understanding of the role they play in stewardship,” said Kym McCulley, Leader of Environmental and Education Initiatives with City of Calgary Parks.

Programs run throughout the school year. In 2011, over 65 classes and 1,652 students participated in week-long learning experiences at the Inglewood BirdSanctuary, Ralph Klein Park, and the Municipal Building.

“We have an amazing team and incredible partnerships and we would not be able to provide this kind of programming without them.” said Marlis Eaton, education coordinator of Environmental and Education Initiatives.

“Our programs truly are delivered through collaboration and team work. It is nice to be acknowledged by the EECOM and we are very proud of the work that we do”

The E&EI team engages and inspires students and youth with the concepts of environmental literacy, contributing to a healthy, sustainable future through exploration of natural surroundings.  

“By developing skills of observation, reflection and active engagement in personal learning, students are encouraged to develop cultural awareness, civic pride and community responsibility,” said Kym.

Congratulations to the Environmental and Education Initiatives team for their contributions to sustaining a brighter, cleaner future for all of us!

Onward/ Providing students the opportunity to thoughtfully examine, explore and make connections to the natural world. imagineCalgary: By 2036, native biological diversity increases to healthy levels, as measured through Habitat Suitability Index indices and local key indicator species.


  1. How can I contact Tom about a solution to plowing pathways?

    1. Hi there. In Calgary, pathway plowing is managed by our Parks team. You can reach them at or by calling 311 to have your suggestion passed along. Thank you!

  2. Actually, parks does not plow most of the pathways. In that case, bicycle snowplow angels have to plow those pathways.
    What mailing address can I use to send the cycling coordinator my solution?

    1. The City of Calgary Parks crews clear up to 400 kms of pathways. By emailing your email will go to the Parks Pathways division and will be forwarded to the Pathways Lead.

      You can find more information here: