Thursday, June 28, 2012

City Releases 2012 Census Results

Mayor Naheed Nenshi discusses the Census
Today, The City of Calgary released the 2012 Civic Census results for the period from April 2011 to April 2012. Calgary’s population has reached 1,120,225; this is an increase of 29,289 residents from April 2011 when the Civic Census showed the city’s population was 1,090,936. This represents a significant increase in Calgary’s population. At 2.68 per cent, this year’s percent of population growth is similar to the level seen in 2007 where population growth was 28,283 or 2.84 per cent.

“Current and accurate data is a critical part of making good, informed decisions about the future of Calgary,” said Mayor Naheed Nenshi. “The 2012 Civic Census includes important information for City Council and Administration.”

Specific results from the 2012 Civic Census  
Community Growth 
Panorama Hills continues to lead the way in growth at a community level with a population increase 2,396.  Other communities that experienced growth of more than 1,000 residents include: Auburn Bay (1,424), Skyview Ranch (1,185) and Cranston (1,026).

Five communities grew by more than 50 per cent. These communities are:
  • CFB – Currie (616.67  per cent  or an additional 148 residents)
  • Skyview Ranch (65.65 per cent  or an additional 1,185 residents)
  • Mahogany (60.66 per cent  or an additional 478 residents)
  • Walden (57.41 per cent  or an additional 341 residents)
  • Sage Hill (53.61 per cent  or an additional 764 residents)
Net Migration and Natural Increase
From April 2011 to April 2012, 19,658 more people moved to Calgary than moved away from Calgary. As with overall population growth, this level is similar to what was seen in 2007 when natural increase was 17,631. Natural increase (the result of births over deaths) continued to be a source of growth at 9,631, down slightly (227) from last year.  

The number of housing units, both existing and under construction, increased by 8,387 to 459,339.

The number of vacant dwelling units in Calgary decreased by 3,564 to 12,616 in 2012. Vacant dwelling units are defined as units that are suitable and available for occupancy and does not include those units under construction or renovation. The overall vacancy rate in the city is 2.82 per cent, down 0.87 from 3.69 per cent in 2011.

There are now 434,474 occupied dwellings. Of this number, 301,005 or 69.28 per cent are owner-occupied. In 2011, the comparable percentage was 70.1 per cent.

The Civic Census Results Book and data tables in excel and PDF format will be available at

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