Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Power of One

Calgarians of all ages were inspired to find their passion and take steps to protect our environment at a special event yesterday as part of the Mayor’s Environment Expo.

Simon Jackson, founder of the Spirit Bear Youth Coalition, hosted a free public presentation on his own special form of global environmental activism.

“By sharing my journey to save the endangered spirit bear, I hope to showcase the difference one person can make and illustrate that through innovation and determination, there is hope for what ills the environment,” said Jackson.

“My story is remarkable in that it’s unremarkable: anyone can do what I've done for any issue that they believe in.”

The most important lesson he learned in life was that anybody can make a difference in the world.

The presentation clearly had an impact on those in attendance, in particular Joelle Hass and Kevin Hans, grade nine students at St. James Junior High School and guest emcees for the presentation.

“Simon Jackson is an inspiration to youth across the globe because he symbolizes what we can accomplish,” said Hass.

“Everyone can see the problems our planet is facing. The difference is that only half of us can see how to fix them and only half of them will actually do something about it.

At the Mayor’s Expo, youth meet other youth who are changing the world. It gives students a chance to voice their opinions, ideas, and plans.”

Inspired by Jackson, St. James Junior High School’s global leadership class participated in this year’s Mayor’s Environment Expo as a Showcase School. Their class project, Global Leadership – Visions of Tomorrow, included a castle of various environmental projects that the students were working on

Join us at the 2012 Mayor’s Environment Expo, June 5-7 at the Municipal Building and be inspired by today’s youth leaders.

Read about the actions the Showcase Schools are taking to protect land, air and water.

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