Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Public Input Sought on New Central Library

Artists rendering of what the new central library might look like.
Planning for a new Central Library in the East Village is underway and Calgarians are invited to be a part of it. The first phase of an extensive public outreach is underway to find out what matters most to citizens about the new Central Library and the overall library system.

Public engagement will occur in two phases throughout 2012. The first phase, called ‘Think Big!’, will uncover the key expectations and priorities citizens have for Calgary’s libraries. The second phase, called ‘Digging Deeper!’, will have citizens evaluate the options, challenges and solutions for addressing the issues and priorities identified in the first phase.

The first phase runs from now until the end of August; the second phase will take place throughout September and October.

During ‘Think Big!’, citizens are being asked to complete a quick and easy survey. The survey can be done on paper, on computers at any library branch, online from any networked computer, or on an iPad through public engagement representatives that will be attending a range of community events and other high-traffic areas across the city.

“The Calgary Public Library is fortunate to have a strong pool of dedicated volunteers from which we can draw on to assist with public engagement,” says Jamie Niessen, Chair of the Calgary Public Library Board. “Over the summer, you will see them in all quadrants of the city asking and encouraging people to ‘inspire the next chapter’ of our library.”

The need for a new Central Library was first recognized in April of 2004 when City Council approved a $40 million contribution to a new Central Library. Following Council’s approval of Block 127 as the site location, a further $135 million was allocated from the community investment fund toward the project in recognition of the development potential and its significance in the overall East Village redevelopment. Visit calgarynewcentrallibrary.ca to participate in the survey or for more information.

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