Monday, July 9, 2012

City of Calgary provides additional taxi zones

With record attendance at the Calgary Stampede this year, finding a cab after a night of festivities can be an adventure in and of itself.

 The City of Calgary is working closely with the taxi industry and the Calgary Parking Authority to provide improved accessibility for cabs into and out of downtown. Effective immediately, The City has added five new designated taxi zones around the Stampede grounds.

Additional taxi zone locations:
  • Erlton Stampede Station
  • Victoria Park Stampede Station (15 Avenue S.E.) 
  • Olympic Way (14 Avenue S.E.) 
  • 12 Avenue (between Olympic Way and 3 Street S.E.)
  • 25 Avenue (east of Spiller Road S.E.)
These locations are marked with signs, and provide safe and easily accessible points for cabs to pick-up and drop-off customers.

Don’t forget, there are a number of other designated taxi locations around the city.

Taxi Hydrant Zones

Taxi Hydrant Zones are identified with signs, and are located in various locations throughout

Late Night Taxi Stands
Late night taxi stands are also available to serve you between 10 p.m. and 3 a.m. on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Conveniently located near restaurants, theatres and bars, these stands help Calgarians and visitors can come and go from our city centre safely.

Calgary Transit

Calgary Transit provides 24-hour CTrain service during the Stampede.

Other Options
Luxury sedans can be booked as a pre-arranged service. Costs are generally higher than a regular taxi. They cannot provide “on demand” service.

We thank Calgarians and visitors alike for Stampeding responsibly, and hope these additional taxi zones help to get you home safely.

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