Friday, July 20, 2012

Pathway location markers, first of kind in Canada

First responders now have a new tool to help them locate people in need of emergency assistance along  pathways in our city.

The pathway location marker program, the first of its kind in Canada is being piloted along three Calgary pathways. Centre City/Bow River, the Elbow River pathways and Fish Creek Park were identified as higher use areas and sign installation was completed this month. 

The markers, placed approximately one kilometre apart will assist pathway users in providing 9-1-1 dispatchers with location information so emergency responders can be dispatched to a more precise location.  

“Our goal is to help provide assistance to citizens as efficiently and seamlessly as possible,” says Nina Vaughan, Commander of Public Safety Communications. “Since Calgary has more than 700 kilometers of pathways, it’s not always easy to articulate where you are on our extensive pathway network when you need help.”

“Summer is generally the peak time for pathway usage,” says Vaughan. “We wanted to make sure that parks and pathways users were aware of this tool while they are out enjoying the pathways.”

Pathway users are encouraged take note of the unique location code (combination of two letters and four numbers) on the first marker they see and then track their progress by the last two numbers of each sign they pass. If an emergency occurs, they'll have the information Public Safety Communications needs to get help to them in a timely manner.

The pilot program will be reviewed in Spring 2013.

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