Monday, August 27, 2012

A reminder of the importance of CTrain safety

The CTrain system is a safe, accessible and efficient way to get to your destination. To ensure a safe arrival, always remember to follow the simple safety features of the system. 

CTrains are fast, quiet and very heavy. Whether you're travelling on the CTrain or crossing the tracks as a pedestrian, it's important to obey all safety features at all times.

The CTrain system is equipped with visual and audible safety features designed to help keep you safe. Always be aware of the flashing lights, guard arms and bells alerting you that a CTrain is approaching. Always obey these signals. When these visual and audible indicators are not active, you should still stop, look both ways and listen. 

Do not be distracted. Look both ways, remove headsets and earphones and do not text or talk on your cell phone when crossing the CTrain tracks. It's important to always be alert at these crossings. When on the station platform, take note of the yellow line that runs along the length of the platform edge. For your safety, it is important to stay well back from the yellow line at all times. Always listen for station announcements and watch overhead message boards for messages of trains approaching. 

Help phones are available at all CTrain stations and are monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Calgary Transit Peace Officers can also help if you need assistance. All platforms are equipped with surveillance cameras and monitored by Calgary Transit staff. A public address system also helps to provide a safe CTrain environment. 

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