Friday, August 3, 2012

Calgary Transit continues work on four-car CTrain platforms

Conceptual renderings of what the Chinook LRT station will look like when complete.
Some elements may change as the project nears construction.

Calgary Transit has been working to extend the platforms of several stations along the CTrain system in preparation for the future operation of four-car CTrains.

Station platforms that have already been extended include Southland, Brentwood, Canyon Meadows and Erlton.

Currently Sunnyside, Fish Creek-Lacombe, Heritage and Chinook Stations are undergoing platform construction which will continue over the next several months.

As part of the major construction work happening at Chinook Station, a closure of the station is required early next year to facilitate the removal of the existing station head and work on the platform extension. This closure will last for approximately eight months. During this closure the CTrain will still operate through this location but will not stop at Chinook Station. Calgary Transit is developing plans for bus service between the closed Chinook Station and adjacent stations as an alternative to the CTrain. Information regarding this service will be available on Calgary Transit's website and posted in the info panel of nearby CTrain stations closer to the start of the closure.

The new Chinook Station will have a fully accessible, at-grade track crossing to the platform located at the north side, a sloped walkway that complies with the City of Calgary Access Design Standards, a glass canopy over the platform, enhanced landscaping to the station area and an extended platform to the south that will accommodate four-car CTrains.

Stations that still require platform extensions are Rundle, Marlborough, Franklin, Calgary Zoo, Bridgeland, Barlow/Max Bell, Lion’s Park, Anderson, Stampede, 39 Avenue, Banff Trail and University.

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