Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hike for health plants seed for future events

Calgary's first Hike for Health was held on June 8, 2012.

More than 500 students, teachers and volunteers from City of Calgary Parks, Recreation and Community and Neighbourhood Services participated in the event at the city's largest urban park, Nose Hill. 

The Hike for Health program began in Los Angeles in 2006 and was started by City Councillor, Tom LaBonge. Tom created the program to promote exercise and health for kids, while teaching them about the natural habitat and ecosystems in their own backyard. 

Here in Canada, Tom partnered with the Get-to-Know Nature program, founded by artist, Robert Bateman. 
Students aged 6-12 participated in the half day, one kilometre hike. A dozen different information stations were set up along pathways in Nose Hill where program advisors and naturalists shared information about the different types of grasses, plants, insects and animals that call the park home. 

The 2013 Hike for Health will take place in early June and while a location for next year's event hasn't been chosen, similar guided, nature walks are planned for all four quadrants of the city. 

Visit for more information, with details on the event updated as they become available.  

Did you know the City of Calgary offers many public programs free to families and groups who want to connect with the environment? Contact Parks to find out more about year-round programs, including guided nature walks and group tours tailored to fit your needs. 

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