Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Noise Snare warning period comes to an end

The City of Calgary Animal & Bylaw Services will begin handing out fines to owners of excessively loud vehicles caught by the Noise Snare as of Wednesday, Aug. 1.

Since the warning period began on June 20, 3-1-1 has logged over 146 complaints of loud vehicles and one violator caught late last week is now subject to a warning ticket.

“We knew going into this that only about two per cent of the vehicles on Calgary streets might be in violation of the bylaw, but this is a matter of the public’s sense of safety and security and community standards around tolerance to noise,” says Bill Bruce, Director, Animal & Bylaw Services.

“We know there are violators out there. We continue to receive complaints about vehicle noise on a regular basis. So we will continue to deploy the Noise Snare in areas of the city where we believe the loudest vehicles are likely to be.”

Last week, a truck registered 101.2 decibels on a pass by the Noise Snare, well over the 96 decibel threshold. During the warning period, several vehicles came close to violating the Excessive Vehicle Noise provision of the Calgary Traffic Bylaw, with one sports car registering 95.4 decibels, and motorcycles hitting 95.1 decibels and 94.5 decibels.

In May, two public open houses were held during which 469 motorists tested their vehicles against the Noise Snare with 47 per cent registering 96 decibels or more on their first pass by the device. The majority of those vehicles, however, were modified and were not representative of the average vehicle driving city streets.

The Noise Snare is brand new technology which no other municipality in Canada currently deploys.

“Ultimately, we are looking for compliance,” said Bruce. “Calgary motorists have had ample time now to adjust their vehicles or their driving behaviour to fall under the excessive vehicle noise provision of the Calgary Traffic Bylaw.”

Effective August 1, the specified penalty for creating Objectionable Noise is $270.

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