Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Seasonal gravel lane repair continues

Calgarians are reminded that gravel lane maintenance is still in full swing, and is an essential part of keeping our roads safe and clean.

Seasonal gravel lane repair is important. Gravel lanes can deteriorate over time causing issues such as potholes, incorrect drainage and improper grade.

Annual gravel lane repair reduces washout of gravel on to roadways and sidewalks while reducing the amount of gravel entering our sewer systems, lakes and rivers.

The City of Calgary relies on the cooperation of all residents, vehicle and property owners to observe the 2012 gravel lane repair signs and remove any obstructions, such as vehicles, solid waste containers, piles of soil, flower beds, sidewalk blocks, etc. that are located within the lane next to their property. This is to ensure a safe and efficient repair to scheduled gravel lanes.

When you see our signs or equipment in your neighbourhood, please remove any obstacles located in the laneway. Lanes that are too congested will not be repaired.

Please note the order in which communities are serviced varies from year to year and can change depending on the maintenance program. Be sure to check the 2012 Community Lane Repair Schedule on for details.

As part of the 2012 Summer Maintenance Program, The City conducts gravel lane maintenance during the construction season, which typically runs from July to the end of September.

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