Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Airport tunnel turned over to YYC

The City of Calgary has officially “turned over” the first piece of the $294.8 million Airport Trail tunnel project—the runway section—to the Calgary Airport Authority.

The City agreed to hand over this section to the Airport Authority by August 31 so work can begin on constructing the runway over top of the tunnel.

The 620-metre long tunnel structure is being constructed to accommodate six lanes of traffic, with the provision for a future transitway, and will extend Airport Trail from Barlow Trial to 36 Street N.E.

“This is a major milestone as we move toward the completion of the tunnel,” said Gordon Stewart, Director of Transportation Infrastructure. “Project managers and work crews have done an outstanding job in meeting the tight construction schedule requirements and maintaining budget.”

The walls and roof of the tunnel are being poured in sections—50 in total. Each tunnel section requires 850 cubic metres of concrete which takes 80 trucks to deliver in a 12-hour period. As of September 4, 41 sections of the tunnel shell have been formed, meaning that nearly 35,000 cubic metres of concrete has been poured since the first tunnel section was completed early this year.

All sections of the concrete walls and roof will be poured by this fall.

Prior to the turn over date the other work that needed to be completed was waterproofing and backfilling the concrete sides of the tunnel walls up to a level where the runway can be built over top the tunnel.

Along with backfilling the concrete sides of the tunnel walls, the other elements that need to be done prior to full completion include electrical and mechanical work, installation of lighting and road construction inside the tunnel.

Most of the work on the roadways will take place in 2013, with the project expected to be complete by May 2014.

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