Friday, September 28, 2012

Calgary New Central Library Public Engagement Events

Planning for Calgary's new Central Library, and subsequent libraries, needs input from those who will use it. We are now in the second phase of our public engagement.

While our first phase interaction with citizens involved collecting feedback from an on-line priorities survey, this time we are asking citizens to join us in-person at one of our engagement sessions. Through a number of family-friendly activities, we anticipate great and wonderful ideas to emerge that will enrich the outcomes of the public engagement process we are undertaking.

During these sessions, we want people to shed preconceived ideas about what a library is. An important part of this phase is getting people to think beyond the Library's traditional function.

Sessions are offered in all quadrants of the city and were chosen because of their proximity to a community library branch. We recognize that there are needs in all areas of the city. Feedback from these public engagement activities not only assists with planning for the new Central Library, but the library system as a whole and the development of future libraries across the city.

The event is designed with a drop-in format, allowing participants to come and go as they wish during a 3-4 hour window of time.

For more information about these engagement events and other New Central Library information, please visit or visit our Facebook page.

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