Monday, October 15, 2012

Carpool Week 2012 – Recognizing 10 years of ride-matching with

Ten years ago, The City established a partnership with to develop, implement and promote an online carpool program for the Calgary area. Today, the program provides the largest online carpool ride-matching service in Canada.

The partnership also helped launch Canada’s annual Carpool Week. This year, please visit throughout October for your chance to get rewarded in celebration of Carpool Week 2012 from October 15 to 19.

Carpooling works best if the people sharing a ride are travelling at a similar time to locations in close vicinity. People who carpool can take turns driving, and share their fuel and parking costs, which helps everyone save money.

To find someone to share your daily commute, first register at and request a "match list." The system will then find ride matches for you. Simply contact people on the match list to make a carpool plan. You may also be able to carpool with your neighbours or colleagues at work. Talk to people you know to see if you can work out a plan to share your rides.

The City’s Calgary Transportation Plan recognizes carpooling as one of many travel options, and can be a convenient alternative to driving alone. Carpooling can help relieve traffic congestion and reduce environmental impacts by taking cars off the road.

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