Friday, November 23, 2012

Centre Street Transit Lanes to open Monday

The majority of the reconstruction of Centre Street between 42 Avenue and 54 Avenue N.W. is now complete. The newly reconstructed roadway consists of four lanes of traffic and two dedicated lanes for transit and cyclists.

The Centre Street reconstruction project began July 4, 2012. This stretch of road required replacement due to heavy use and its age, and the reconstruction was an ideal time to add much-needed dedicated lanes.

The northbound dedicated transit lane runs from 42 Avenue to Thorncrest Road and the southbound lane starts at 54 Avenue and ends south of McKnight Boulevard. Although the four lanes of traffic are operational today, the new dedicated transit lanes will go into service Monday, Nov. 26.

Access Calgary buses and cyclists will be permitted in the lane at all times and right-turning vehicles will be permitted to travel in the lanes where they need to make turns.

All traffic will benefit from these dedicated lanes. Transit service will improve because buses will no longer be delayed in traffic congestion and motorists will no longer be stopped behind buses picking up and dropping off passengers.

Transit service on Centre Street North serves the 150,000 residents of the growing communities of north-central Calgary. Approximately 20,000 vehicles per day use Centre Street. Calgary Transit operates approximately 90 buses per hour on nine routes (including one BRT route) entering the downtown core from north-central Calgary. These services carry over 3,000 transit passengers per hour during the peak hour and about 35,000 per day.

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