Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Pet of the Week - Adoption Success Story: Jasper

‘Twas the summer of 2011.  I had developed a serious case of puppy love.  For actual puppies and dogs that is!  I began browsing the internet for rescue sites.  Seeing all the lovely animals only increased my desire to become a dog guardian.  Once the rest of the household came around to wanting a dog too, the search began!  And a quick search it was…

The first dog we met was at The City of Calgary Animal Services.  Little did we know we wouldn't be meeting any others, this fella was our guy!  The staff at Animal Services was the best!  They gave us all the information they could about the dog prior to meeting.  They said he was very shy and timid but had come a long way since first arriving.  He was only about a year old and though I was hoping to get an older dog, I had to give him a chance.  When it came time to meet, it was love at first sight!  He came right up to us for snuggling.  The next day, we took him home!

Jasper is a perfect fit for our family.  Though he is younger than I thought I wanted, he has proven that age is just a number.  As far as dogs go, he is low-energy.  This is appreciated by his feline siblings the most I suspect!   Jasper is my first dog and not at all what I expected of a dog… in the best way!  Prior to adopting, I had mentally prepared myself for some basic training.  Things such as no barking at the door/windows, no jumping up on people, no going on the furniture, no destroying our belongings, no pulling on the leash during walks and so on.  That mental prep turned out to be for nothing.  He listens well and doesn't seem to be the slightest bit interested in bad behaviour.

We took him home on October 30.  He was perfect on Halloween night with all the kids trick-or-treating and the doorbell ringing.  Over the past year we've also learned he prefers cat toys to his dog toys.  He is extremely gentle with those toys as well as when taking a treat from your hand.  He makes a somewhat scary-growly noise when he is over-the-moon happy.  (That was a bit of a shock that first time!)  He has his puppy-like moments, but he is also very content to lounge around.  Jasper loves the dog park and has great manners.   He has lost all of that initial shyness, loves everyone, and only wants love and friendship back.

He is such a joy to have around that I can’t imagine not sharing my home with a dog ever again.  We are very grateful to The City of Calgary Animal Services for taking Jasper in and allowing us to adopt the best dog in the world!

Jasper's Family

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