Thursday, January 3, 2013

Recycle and Reuse - Roads Business Unit Mobile Recycling Operation

It may seem like an unlikely connection but at The City, recycling and paving go hand in hand. Every year our Surface Overlay Paving program, also referred to as pavement rehabilitation, proactively restores and rehabilitates our roadways to preserve its infrastructure. Recently, we incorporated a new technique to our paving process, which allowed our crews to use recycled material to repair Calgary’s roads.

During the 2012 paving season The City started a mobile operation to recycle asphalt recovered from various Surface Overlay Paving jobs. The recovered asphalt materials were then used to rehabilitate and adjust manholes city wide. An average of 50,000 tonnes of asphalt material was collected through Surface Overlay Paving and was then reused by our crews to restore various parts of our roadways. 
Photo caption: This Asphalt Recycler worked behind our manhole adjustment crew in preparation for a Surface Overlay Paving job.

This new asphalt recycling technique consists of a mobile machine called a Bagela Asphalt Recycler which is towed by one of our tandem trucks. The asphalt material is fed to the Asphalt Recycler which heats the material to a temperature of 150 C, and then the heated material is applied to the roadway directly on site. 

Prior to the addition of this new machine, The City has always aimed to be at the forefront of finding greener initiatives to pave Calgary’s roads. In 2001 The City piloted an asphalt recycling prototype which also reheated collected asphalt millings for reuse much like the new Recycler. This process reduced material production, which equated to a cost savings. 

This asphalt recycling prototype, however, was stationary and remained at The City’s Asphalt Plant. The new Asphalt Recycler machine is mobile and allows materials to be used directly on site, which reduces the amount of truck traffic needed for one job. 

The use of the Asphalt Recycler has recently been monitored and tested. Based on laboratory samples, the recycled material retained 95 per cent of the original asphalt content and provided similar performance to the original material. Due to these successful findings and the reduction in material cost and production another Asphalt Recycler was added to the Roads fleet. 

The addition of the Asphalt Recycler is one of the many ways The City strives to reach its green initiatives and find environmental efficiencies in all the work that we do. 

Onward/ Maintaining our transportation network today for the needs of tomorrow. Sustainability Direction: By 2020, The City will continue to deliver safe, clean and well-maintained, effective and efficient transportation services.

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