Friday, February 1, 2013

Pet of the Week - Adoption Success Story: Bennie

Adopting a cat or dog from Animal & Bylaw Services provides a loving animal with a forever home. When you adopt a cat or dog you are giving that animal a new start. Here is our latest adoption success story.

Bennie's adoption story:
Bennie joined his older sister, Mavis, also an Animal Services alumnus, on September 30th, 2012. After recovering his appetite (and then some) and a gradual introduction to Mavis, the linebacker and soloist in Bennie emerged. With excellent coaching tips from Miss. Manners (a.k.a. Miss. Mavis, a no-contact sports enthusiast), and with greater consideration given to the timing of his singing performances, Bennie is on his way to becoming a true gentleman. His favourite activities are playing, eating, sleeping and purring (though not necessarily in that order), and his New Year’s resolution is to eat smaller portions at a sitting.
Bennie & Mavis hanging out
Bennie wants to thank everyone at Animal Services for making his stay as comfortable as possible. He is grateful to be home, and he hopes all the friends he left behind find their forever homes very soon.

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