Friday, February 22, 2013

Taxi and Limousine Advisory Committee

The Taxi and Limousine Advisory Committee is responsible for advising Council on all matters pertaining to the livery industry in Calgary.

The committee has many specific responsibilities, including making an annual license plate recommendation, as well as receiving and responding to submissions from the public.

In September 2012, the committee received a public submission concerning the use of smartphone technology that facilitates passengers connecting with drivers directly. In response to this submission, TLAC asked Administration to report on its position with respect to this technology.

At the 2013 February 22 meeting of TLAC, The City confirmed that nothing in the current taxi bylaw prohibits e-hail applications. Administration deems such applications to be operating as an electronic form of hailing a cab, and not acting as a broker.

Administration says that concerns about e-hail applications can be mitigated through enforcement of existing bylaw provisions.

At this time, TLAC is in agreement with this position and will diligently monitor and address concerns from industry and the public.

What is important for the travelling public to understand is the following:
  • When hailing a taxi whatever the means, be sure the driver and vehicle are licensed. Look for a taxi plate on the rear bumper of the vehicle, and ask to see the drivers’ badge.
  • Drivers are not permitted to refuse a trip on the basis of not offering an upfront incentive.
  • Except for flat fare trips to and from the airport/downtown hotels and between hospitals, the taximeter must be used to calculate fares.
Anyone who experiences a situation involving an unlicensed vehicle/driver, trip refusal, unapproved fare or any other service matter is encouraged to call 311 or submit their concern online. Service compliments can also be submitted.

Finally, members of the public have the opportunity to be part of the process by which TLAC makes its recommendations to City Council. Receiving comments and having concerned parties attend our meetings only helps to build a stronger voice and create better solutions. For more information the role and responsibilities of TLAC, how to make a submission, or to view the Smartphone e-hail Applications report, search “TLAC” on

Jonathon Campbell
Chair, Taxi and Limousine Advisory Committee

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