Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Calgary Police Service offers new Hub for citizens

Out with the old and in with the new. The Calgary Police Service has parked their old site for a shiny new one, which is built on the platform. The Google search based site, which has won seven awards to date, is designed to enable better access, easier navigation and a user-friendly interface for desktop and mobile platforms.

The move comes after research showing that the majority of Calgarians were dissatisfied with the Calgary Police Service’s old website, yet preferred to access information and resources through the site. The website was also created with the growing amount of mobile users in mind. You can access the new website at

Today also marks the launch of The Hub, a service designed to alert citizens to important situations such as criminal activity or requests for public assistance in cases such as missing persons. Upon signing up for the service, you can decide whether you want the information delivered to you via email, voicemail or text message.

The system, formerly known as the Police and Community Awareness Program (PCAP) and originally known as the Police and Community Telephone (PACT), has sent approximately 2,700 voice messages to Calgarians since 1993.

Register for The Hub here. The Hub is proudly sponsored by Encana.

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