Friday, April 5, 2013

Mayor Nenshi declares April 5 Ralph Klein Day

Mayor Nenshi proclaims April 5 Ralph Klein Day and presents Mrs. Colleen Klein with a Calgary Flag
Today on the steps of the Municipal Plaza, Mayor Naheed Nenshi announced the proclamation of April 5, 2013 as Ralph Klein Day. Mayor Nenshi made the proclamation and presented the Calgary flag to Mrs. Colleen Klein and family during a brief ceremony prior to the formal Celebration of Life event hosted at the Jack Singer Concert Hall.

“The outpouring of affection we see today is tangible evidence of the legacy that Ralph Klein leaves behind him, as Mayor, as Premier and as a Calgarian,” said Mayor Nenshi.

“On behalf of City Council and the citizens of Calgary, it is my privilege to declare today ‘Ralph Klein Day’.”

Earlier this morning at MacDougall Centre the Klein family was presented with the provincial flag that flew at the time of Calgary mayor and Alberta premier's death. The flag was presented by Lt. Gov Don Ethell and Cal Lawinger a former protection officer for Klein who remains a close friend of the family. 

After that, a motorcade departed to the steps of the Municipal Plaza where Nenshi made the proclamation and presented the Klein with a Calgary flag and a photo slideshow of Klein's time as mayor and premier. Nenshi then walked Colleen Klein to the Jack Singer Concert Hall with Police Chief Rick Hanson and Fire Chief Bruce Burrell..

The Celebration of Life will begin at noon with tributes to Klein from dignitaries including former Alberta cabinet minister Shirley McClellan, former Ontario Premier Mike Harris, Alberta Premier Allison Redford, Mayor Nenshi and Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Former Calgary mayor Dave Bronconnier will be the master of ceremonies. 

This morning, the Olympic Cauldron on Olympic Plaza and the flame atop the Calgary Tower were lit in tribute 

Ralph Klein began his political career as Calgary mayor from 1980 – 1989.  His legacy as mayor includes hosting the 1988 Winter Olympics, creating the Calgary Economic Development Authority and leading the development of Calgary’s Light Rail Transit (LRT) system. 

He served as the Member of the Legislative Assembly for Calgary Elbow from 1989-2007. He became premier Dec. 14, 1992 and served until Dec. 14, 2006

Klein passed away on March 29, 2013 in Calgary, at the age of 70. 

Below is the video of Mayor Nenshi proclaiming Ralph Klein Day with the Klein family behind him.

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