Monday, May 27, 2013

Annie Gale students turn scraps to snacks for the Mayor’s Expo

Grade 8 students at Annie Gale School are practicing nature’s way of recycling – composting.

For their Showcase School Project for the 2013 Mayor’s Environment Expo, they voted to start a school wide composting program to reduce their environmental footprint and help extend the life of our landfills.   Since September, the program has been full force and its support is continuing to grow.

Each week they are cooking up seven pounds of nutrient rich plant food.  The four basic ingredients: greens, browns, air and water.

“The program has brought the school together,” says teacher, Andrea Nyrerod.  “And in addition, students are developing leadership skills by initiating and carrying out the program.”

“We hope that once our composting has turned over, we can use it in our gardens to grow fruit and vegetables for the whole school,” concludes Nyrerod.  
Join us at the 2013 Mayor’s Environment Expo, June 4-6 at the Municipal Building and be inspired by today’s youth leaders.

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The Mayor’s Environment Expo thanks Encana and Calgary Transit for their partnership in the Showcase School program. Encana is sponsoring a $250 grant exclusive to the Showcase Schools. Calgary Transit is providing Showcase Schools with free transportation to and from the Expo.

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  1. The boy in the back, on the right, with the highlighted hair is kind of cute....