Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Teens saving water like a B.A.W.S. for Mayor's Environment Expo

Grade eight students at Our Lady of Peace show off their Showcase School project for the Mayor's Environment expo
It takes seven liters of water to manufacture the plastic for one bottle of water. ‘Think before you drink’ is the message the Grade eight students at Our Lady of Peace emphasize!

For their Showcase School Project for the 2013 Mayor’s Environment Expo, the students are inspiring their peers to conserve water and bring awareness to the population who doesn’t have access to water as readily as us, Calgarians.

Their B.A.W.S (Bottle and Water Saving) Project has surpassed expectations and has the whole school engaged. They arranged for inflatable hamster balls to be brought in, coordinated educational games during assembly, hosted movie days, sold kool-aid packets to encourage the use of water bottles and planned other various activities. Through these initiatives, they have been able to raise enough money to remove their vending machines and install a water bottle filler.

“This project has really pulled our group together,” says teacher, Beth Weitz. “They have worked great as a team and they have learned a lot of leadership skills especially from informing our elementary students about clean water, sanitation and about the impact our bottle fillers will to the environment.”

Join us at the 2013 Mayor’s Environment Expo, June 4-6 at the Municipal Building and be inspired by today’s youth leaders. 

Read about what other showcase schools are doing to protect land, air and water here.

The Mayor’s Environment Expo thanks Encana and Calgary Transit for their partnership in the Showcase School program. Encana is sponsoring a $250 grant exclusive to the Showcase Schools. Calgary Transit is providing Showcase Schools with free transportation to and from the Expo.

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