Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The City releases Suburban Residential Growth 2013-2017 in anticipation of Calgary's population increase

Managing growth is critical for a sustainable city.

It’s time to lay out the welcome mat! Calgary’s population and housing growth over the next five years is forecast to rise according to the 2013-2017 Suburban Residential Growth report released today by The City of Calgary.

The five year forecast anticipates a population increase of 118,600 with more than 50,000 additional housing units built. Approximately 94 per cent of this population and 77 per cent of the housing growth will be in new suburban development.

The City’s long term goal, as set out in the Municipal Development Plan, is to strike a balance between inner-city redevelopment and new suburban development. However, striking this balance is very challenging based on current growth patterns.

The City currently has 10-12 years of planned land supply, land identified for future residential use that can accommodate 310,834 people in a mix of single/semi units and multi-residential units. In the next 3-5 years The City has serviced land supply with approved land uses in place that can accommodate 130,047 people.  Additional supply will be added by The City in 2013.

 In consultation with industry, the report has garnered positive support.

“This year’s summary incorporates the reporting of a single/semi & multi-unit supply breakdown and we also appreciate the new section adding in the serviced land supply details in areas with approved land use in place,” said Donna Moore, CEO of the Canadian Home Builders’ Association – Calgary Region. “These changes will enable a more robust analysis of the changing market.”

“UDI-Calgary appreciates having the opportunity to comment on the 2013-2017 Suburban Residential Growth Information update and is supportive of the document,” said Michael Flynn, Executive Director of the Urban Design Institute – Calgary.

The 2013-2017 Suburban Residential Growth report is a resource used to efficiently manage City investment and maintain enough serviced land to support a competitive housing market. It is available online at www.calgary.ca/geodemographics. In Fall 2013, the Developed Areas Growth and Change report is scheduled to be released.

Calgary’s growth is guided by the Municipal Development Plan (MDP), which can be found online at calgary.ca/mdp.

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