Friday, May 10, 2013

The Growing Green Machine's working worms

Students from Nose Creek School make compost with their working worms at school.
Turning organic waste and into nutrient rich compost?  “It’s easy,” shout the Grades four and five Growing Green Machines at Nose Creek School.

For their Showcase School Project for the 2013 Mayor’s Environment Expo, the students are collecting organic waste from the lunch room and their classroom.  With the help of their working worms, they are turning waste into compost that will be used around their school and in the community garden located across the street.  Local residents, teachers and students will be looking after the garden over the summer months.  The compost will improve the plant growth, discourage weeds and reduce greenhouse gases.

These thoughtful Growing Green Machines are also contemplating selling the compost and donating the proceeds towards an environmental cause.

“We are a brand new school and this is our first year participating in the Showcase School Program,” says teacher, Catherine Cross. “It’s really helping to build community and we are really looking forward to getting the rest of the school involved in the composting.“

With the hopes of creating fifty pounds of compost by the end of the school year, the students continue to spread awareness about responsible waste management throughout the school, their community and in their homes

Join us at the 2013 Mayor’s Environment Expo, June 4-6 at the Municipal Building and be inspired by today’s youth leaders.

Read about what other showcase schools are doing to protect land, air and water.

The Mayor’s Environment Expo thanks Encana and Calgary Transit for their partnership in the Showcase School program. Encana is sponsoring a $250 grant exclusive to the Showcase Schools. Calgary Transit is providing Showcase Schools with free transportation to and from the Expo.

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