Thursday, June 27, 2013

City workers assisting

Our rivers may be high, but the spirit of Calgarians is even higher. Calgarians all have the same goal – helping each other rebuild the city we love. No matter where you look people are trying to help – and that includes City of Calgary staff from all business units and departments.

First responders and City of Calgary staff have been working around the clock to ensure the safety of Calgarians in a variety of roles.

Staff have also been deployed at various locations across the city working at Reception Centres for evacuees serving dinner, setting up cots, providing clothing , toiletries and smiles to their fellow Calgarians.
Reception Centre staff photo courtesy of Alderman Druh Farrell facebook page
City staff have also been extremely supportive of the work each other are doing, as demonstrated by the following quotes:

  • A firefighter mentions they have been working 18 hour shifts with most calls being rescues and alarm bells ringing:  “I was soaked in my gear from head to toe, my boots filled with water, helping as much as we could….it’s definitely an event to remember.” 
  • Another firefighter shows a text from a fellow firefighter: “after the craziest couple of night shifts I’ve ever worked, I just wanted to thank you for the job you did. I know a lot of guys worked their butts off, but I can’t think of one that worked more tirelessly, selflessly and definitely more courageously. Thanks for setting such an awesome example. A job very well done.”
  • A City employee who was working at a Reception Centre recalls “I am very very happy to see so many City staff come together to help. There were various people from all parts of The City there. We also worked with people from the Calgary Stampede and AHS. Everyone was so nice and wanted to help.” 
  • “We just hit the ground running. No one stood around, rather we just picked stuff up and ran with it and it was great,” says another City of Calgary Reception Centre worker. “We had quite the assembly line of blowing up mattresses and putting bedding on them for evacuee guests. It was a team from across nine business units working together like never before. And people were so grateful for us being there.”

Staff at the Bonnybrook Water Treatment Plant have been doing an exceptional job, working around the clock to ensure Calgarians have safe and drinkable water during this crisis. Thankful community businesses in Inglewood even brought hearty meals to the Bonnybrook staff as a big thank you (and a way to keep up their excellent work!)

Dropping off much needed food for the City staff working around the clock at the Bonnybrook Water Treatment Plant. Courtesy of Alderman Carra’s team.
It is overwhelming to see the enthusiasm from City employees who are waiting to be called to duty and help out. Some status updates from Facebook show City staff’s passion and pride for public service:

  • “So proud of my fellow City employees...our motto has never been more true - proudly serving a great city”
  • “I can't wait to get the volunteer call, so wanting to help rebuild this fabulous city. Meanwhile, a huge shout out to those who are working their butts off; can't say enough about you all.”
  • “Got the call!! Heading to a reception centre. Stay safe all. City employee? Sign up to help out if you can. Now at Aberhart high school. So proud to be a City employee!!”
  • “Emergency relief for east village seniors. Estimate 100 folks to get checked in... couldn't ask for a better project leader to work with.”

We have a great City of Calgary team, a team that everyone should be very proud of. Thank you all for your dedication and service.