Sunday, June 23, 2013

Powered by ... Socks?

Electrical inspectors act fast to keep Calgary energized

It turns out a key ingredient in keeping Calgary’s power grid energized is socks. This is not a typo, you read it right. Socks.

The quick thinking last Friday by the City’s Electrical Inspectors to install ‘socks’ on electrical meters as waters rose has been the key to getting Calgarians back into their homes after the flood.  These small plastic sleeves (referred to as ‘socks’) were placed on the meters and have allowed the grid to re-energize so that those homes that are ready for power can be plugged in, while homes in progress of being repaired won’t be exposed to the dangerous electrical currents.

As of June 30, 9,966 electrical, plumbing & gas, and structural safety inspections were conducted, 94.5% of which ‘passed’. This means 9,420 property owners have been granted re-entry into their homes to begin repairing flood damage.

Safety Codes Officers and inspectors have been working with ENMAX around the clock since 6 p.m., Friday June 21, 2013 to make this possible.