Friday, July 12, 2013

7 Street S.W. cycle track is open

Calgary's first two-way cycle track opened on July 9.
People riding bikes into downtown have a new, protected space to ride on with the two-way 7 Street S.W. cycle track. It’s Calgary’s first of many cycle tracks to come in the downtown area. This new way of travelling by bike in the downtown was the result of a four-month public engagement program and a well coordinated effort between City departments to plan, design and construct the cycle track.

Features of this unique bikeway include:

  • A northbound and southbound bicycle lane between 1 Avenue and 8 Avenue, protected by a one metre-wide concrete median from moving and parked vehicles, but separate from the sidewalk. 
  • A connection into the Centre City’s west end, between the Bow River Pathway and 8 Avenue S.W., a shared road for bikes and vehicles. 
  • New traffic signals at intersections and new road side signs to guide pedestrians, cyclists and motorists safely and predictably through the area. 
  • Green pavement at certain alley, driveway, and cross street intersections to bring people’s attention to the cycle track and crossings.  
  • More than 120 new bike parking spaces, with more to be installed in summer 2013.
  • Planters on the cycle track median, where space is available, enhancing the look of the street, to be added in summer 2013. 

The cycle track is one type of bikeway being planned and constructed around Calgary as part of the Council-Approved Cycling Strategy. You can read more about how The City is making Calgary a bicycle-friendly city and other bicycle resources at

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