Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Post-Flood Road Repair Exposes Buried Material

The City of Calgary continues to work with contractors to repair damage done to roads during recent flooding.

Work began last week to repair Heritage Drive and 15 Street S.E. under the Graves Bridge at Glenmore Trail.  During excavation of the old road crews discovered an underground debris field just north of the bridge.

Contaminated materials include old car batteries, stained concrete, waste wood and rebar. This area is approximately 50 metres by 15 metres and is about 1 metre below ground level.

Soil and water samples are currently being collected to identify what contaminants may be present. The contaminated area has been fenced off until assessment and remediation can be completed.

Work is continuing on repairs to the north and south portions of the roadway.

The City is working with local businesses to ensure continued access including the feasibility of construction of a temporary access roadway.

Drivers in the area are reminded to follow detour signs and exercise caution.

We appreciate continued patience and cooperation from the public as we address flood-damaged infrastructure and rebuild our city.

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