Friday, January 10, 2014

Crews continue action in the fight against residential snow

A grader removing snow from a residential street.

Today is the seventh day of the Snow Event Seven Day Plan, which means that crews have cleared and maintained all priority roads including major thoroughfares, connector routes, the central business district, commuter roads, hills, bridge decks and ramps. Some City forces will now be available to join contracted crews in clearing residential roads.

While the forecasted warm weather will give Calgarians a welcome break from the cold temperatures, it will also create a new set of challenges for drivers. As the snow and ice thaws and melts, roads will become slush covered, and driving in some areas may feel a lot like driving through mashed potatoes. Roads crews will work through the weekend to mitigate these conditions as much as possible. City-wide, crews have removed approximately 3,200 truckloads of snow since January 6, 2014.

Both contracted and City crews will continue focusing on residential roadways, addressing communities across Calgary that are considered high priority. At this time, The City does not plow alleyways. However, the Roads Department will continue to work closely with Waste & Recycling to ensure that back alley access for garbage/recycling pick-up is available.

Although the weather is warm, Calgarians are highly encouraged to load up on windshield wiper fluid, and to continue to drive to conditions by following these winter driving tips.  You can also prepare for the soft snow and melting along roadways by clearing curbs, gutters and catch basins to minimize pooling, and prevent ice from forming. As The City plows residential streets, snow may be pushed onto sidewalks, and Calgarians may need to shovel their walkways. Please remember that not everyone is physically able to do this. If you see a neighbour in need, be a Snow Angel and help them shovel their sidewalk too.

Know when you're scheduled for snow action
Thanks Calgary, for your patience as we continue to tackle snow and ice throughout the city. We have received approximately 15,000 public inquiries through 311 since the first storm in December, and our crews are working to address each inquiry. For more details, a wealth of information is available on our Snow and Ice Control Update page, on, as well as on the newly created Snow Action Schedule map.

We appreciate your understanding as we continue to manage this unprecedented winter!


  1. Things would be better on many streets if people were informed of Bylaw 20M88 that says you cannot throw snow from private property on the road. Also just because you are "allowed" to shovel your sidewalk onto the road, doesn't mean you should do it. Shovel on to your lawn, your grass will thank you in the spring!

  2. Still have not seen one single plow on my street ( 57th Ave, SW, Windsor Park). It is used to be a 2 way street, but not any more. Parking near the curb which would make room for 2 cars to safely pass each other, is impossible because of all the snow and ruts. It is a regular event, to hear tires spinning wildly as drivers try to get out their parking spots to access the "priority roads".

  3. There is no Snow Action Schedule Map at the link above......

  4. Finally, a grader and a truck showed up in Woodbine this morning. They parked in the middle of the intersection where we live, the drivers jumped out and looked around, then they drove off. Ten minutes later another car got stuck in the intersection. WTH?!?