Tuesday, February 11, 2014

City receives additional flood recovery and erosion control funding


The City of Calgary and the Government of Alberta continue to focus on stabilizing and repairing riverbank erosion sites following the June 2013 floods.

The City has applied for approximately $80 M in funding through the Province’s Flood Recovery Erosion Control (FREC) Program. To date, The City has received $12.6 M for six critical riverbank erosion sites – three of which are completed and three that will be done by spring.

This week, the Province confirmed an additional $18.9 M in FREC grant funding for another 18 projects. That brings the total approved FREC funding for projects in Calgary to $31.5 M.

The latest funding will be used to address 15 high priority projects identified by The City as well as three projects identified by partner agencies. These projects include riverbank erosion at sites such as Lindsay Park, Stanley Park, Elbow Park, Pine Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant, Stampede Park and the Calgary Zoo.

The City will complete as many of the  high priority sites before June 2014 but it is expected that the work continue through 2014 and into 2015.

The City has been working very closely with the Province on funding opportunities. It is important to restore and repair riverbank erosion sites that are potentially vulnerable during the next flood season.

Bank restoration design and delivery is very complex and requires consideration of a number of elements. The City is working closely with the provincial and federal governments to ensure river navigation, public lands and environmental regulations are addressed through this process.

For more information on The City’s recovery and mitigation projects, please visit Calgary.ca/FloodRecovery.  Information on the Province’s Flood Recovery and Erosion Control Program and a list of approved grants is available here.

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