Monday, March 17, 2014

Because our Transit drivers rock, we roll.

Transit operators Ziggy Brown and Beth Charette with the Director of Calgary Transit, Doug Morgan.
Every weekday over half a million Calgarians get around the city with the help of Calgary Transit’s drivers. They have a tough job and it’s time we thanked them.

On Tuesday, March 18, join us in celebrating our hard working bus and CTrain drivers. It could be as simple as saying thanks or giving your driver a smile and wave. You can also send a tweet to @calgarytransit thanking your driver. Or say thanks the old fashioned way - print and personalize one of these thank you cards and hand it to your driver.

Shafiq Rawji, Transit Operator
Transit operators do so much more than just drive; they ensure passenger safety, keep to a schedule, check fares, give directions, remember stop requests, all while manoeuvring large vehicles through unpredictable traffic, adverse weather and tight spaces. Most do all this and more with a smile on their face.

Did you know?
  • Calgary Transit employs approximately 2,000 bus, CTrain and community shuttle drivers.
  • Thank Your Driver Day is held on March 18 because bus service is believed to have debuted in Paris on that day in 1662. Horse-drawn vehicles that held up to 8 passengers served customers along regular routes.

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