Monday, March 24, 2014

Flooded properties reminded of Government of Alberta's March 31st deadline

Calgarians with property impacted by the 2013 flood, and who have applied to the Government of Alberta (GOA) for Disaster Recovery Program (DRP), are being reminded to obtain all proper City permit(s) before the GOA deadline of March 31, 2014.

Marco Civitarese, Chief Building Inspector, The City of Calgary 
"Those with approved Government of Alberta Disaster Recovery Program funding should be mindful of the March 31, 2014 permitting deadline," says Marco Civitarese, Chief Building Inspector with The City of Calgary.

If you are unable to obtain a permit for complete work by March 31, 2014, contact the Government of Alberta to learn more about submitting a Notice of Intent to Mitigate before the deadline. Permits must still be obtained, and work completed by December 31, 2014.

Without permits or another record of your intention, you will not be eligible for assistance from the DRP in the event of a 2014 flood.

Calgarians with questions about the Flood Mitigation Measure requirements as outlined by the Province are encouraged to contact 311.

The City continues to support property owners impacted by flooding by helping ensure any repairs, renovations or rebuilding work has resulted in a safe property. For City permitting and inspection information please visit

Steps to have The City’s Safety Codes Officers sign off on your GOA Flood Mitigation Measure Permit 
If you’ve received funding through the Government of Alberta Disaster Recovery Program (DRP), the GOA requires you to obtain all proper City permit(s) before March 31, 2014.
  1. Completed work must meet the standards and requirements of all applicable code, in addition to the Government of Alberta’s Building Code Bulletin (Flood Mitigation Building Code Standards STANDATA [August 15, 2013]). 
  2. Once work is completed, contact 311 to book an appointment to have the work inspected by a City safety codes officer.
  3. Provided this work meets all code and bylaw requirements, The City’s safety codes officers will sign your Flood Mitigation Measure Permit, or any City permits obtained for general repairs.
  4. The homeowner will keep the signed copy of the Alberta Government’s Flood Mitigation Measure Permit for later submission to the DRP.
  5. Retain all permitting receipts from The City, for possible reimbursement under DRP.

For details regarding the Disaster Recovery Program contact 310-4455 or visit the Government of Alberta.

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