Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Alberta government commits $600 million to flood mitigation

The Alberta government is moving forward with preliminary design, environmental review, and community consultation on water diversion and storage projects along the Elbow and Highwood Rivers.

“Our government is committed to ensuring Albertans are protected as much as possible from future flood events while at the same time respecting taxpayers’ dollars," said Robin Campbell, Minister of Environment and Sustainable Resource Development

To continue improving the province’s flood resiliency, the Alberta government has committed $600 million over the next three years to fund high priority flood mitigation projects.

Of the $600 million earmarked for flood mitigation, $325 million is allocated to the Resilience and Mitigation Program (RAMP), which funds community-level mitigation projects such as berms, dikes, and riverbank erosion control work. RAMP funding will be available to municipalities right across the province.

Mitigation project highlights:

Mitigation infrastructure projects have multi-year timelines. The next steps for infrastructure projects are preliminary designs, environmental review, and community consultation.

In addition to funding potential mitigation infrastructure projects, the Government of Alberta has provided over $200 million for erosion control projects in Alberta’s most flood-prone communities, with many already in progress.

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