Monday, April 21, 2014

Weigh-in on The City’s digital strategy

Did you know that The City is currently working to develop a digital strategy for 2015-2018?

The digital strategy aims to foster Calgary’s digital economy, support digital literacy and improve digital access to City services. This strategy takes a cross-department view of The City’s administration and looks for ways to enhance those connections at a technological level.

The digital strategy will also be used to identify how we can better communicate and engage with Calgarians, being mindful of trends in digital and open government.

To ensure that this strategy reflects the needs of all Calgarians, we would like your input. Complete the survey by April 24 to weigh-in on what could enhance The City’s digital strategy. Your answers will be compiled and reviewed to assist in the direction we take.

Information on the progress of the digital strategy along with engagement results will be accessible on the engage! website. The webpage will provide key information on the decision-making process as well as background information needed to get involved.

Your participation in the planning process will help City employees write a digital strategy that is both collaborative and reflects the goals of all stakeholders.

This is only the beginning - Over the next five years, we will continue engaging citizens to continually improve our digital strategy’s initiatives.

1 comment:

  1. step 1: don't sell enmax envision to Shaw cable.
    step 2: turn enmax envison into Calgary's version of google fiber.

    Oh wait, you guys already screwed up step 1....