Thursday, May 15, 2014

Anderson Station transit oriented development reveals latest conceptual design

The City’s Office of Land Servicing & Housing (OLSH) is pleased to announce the latest concept design of transit oriented development project planned for Anderson LRT Station.

Transit oriented development (TOD) is a walkable, mixed-use form of area development typically focused within a 600m radius of a transit station – a Light Rail Transit (LRT) station or Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) stop, prior to the arrival of LRT.

"Last year, we had hundreds of citizens participate in our public engagement process where they were asked to provide input into four concepts that showed different options for what the 20-acre site could look like in the future", said John Potts, Manager Land Servicing, OLSH.

Citizen feedback has been collected over the past year through personal conversations, sticky notes, surveys, social media and email. Comments were then taken into careful consideration in the development of the latest concept on display at Southcentre between 3 p.m. - 8 p.m. today.

"Following citizen feedback, we’re now back to show the public a single concept for the Anderson land," said Potts. "Among its primary features, the proposed concept will provide enhanced linkages between the station and surrounding communities, be a destination that incorporates a mix of higher density uses, and provide open spaces that will be convenient for pedestrian, cycling and transit connections."

In conjunction with various City departments and Urban Design Associates, a highly regarded community-based design firm based in Pittsburgh, PA., the plan to revitalize the immediate area around Anderson station aims to enhance accessibility and usability for both surrounding communities and transit users. OLSH will finalize the Outline Plan and Land Use Application in the months following the public event which will be reviewed by City Council prior to rendering a final decision. Further opportunities to comment on the proposed plan will be available to the public during the review process.

For more information about the Anderson TOD project and today’s public event, visit

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