Friday, May 30, 2014

Homebuilder’s saving time and money thanks to Residential ePermit

As part of The City’s eServices initiative, Planning, Development and Assessment is working to make it faster and easier to apply for residential permits, and inspections by putting these services online.

We’ve started by placing our largest volume permit application online, the Single Construction Permit (SCP) that homebuilders require when building a new home in a developing community.
To date over 1,600 online applications have been submitted by homebuilders, representing more than 80 percent of the new home construction market. Today, any homebuilder that meets the minimum requirements can apply online for the SCP.

Residential ePermit Lead, Dean Taylor talks about the Residential ePermit project, and the benefits it’s providing homebuilders.

As Residential ePermit moves forward additional residential permit applications and inspections will be added online. This work is anticipated to take a few years to complete fully, however the ground work has been laid with the successful intake of the SCPs with homebuilders.

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