Wednesday, May 7, 2014

What to include in a 72 hour emergency kit

It might be tough to imagine what you'll need most in an emergency. In this video Tom Sampson of the Calgary Emergency Management Agency shares several ideas as he unpacks his own 72 hour emergency kit.

Print a copy of the 72-hour emergency kit check-list, or find more info about the kits online.

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  1. Wouldn't it be more useful to have an 72 hour emergency kit checklist instead of a video?

  2. Hi Michelle. Glad you asked. Here's our 72-hour emergency kit check-list:

    Please feel free to download, print and share with friends.

  3. Hi, I used to see the emergency kit bag sold at one of the booths every year at one of the CoC exhibitions. Do you have any idea who was offering those! Thanks

    1. CEMA (Calgary Emergency Management Agency) used to offer discounted 72-hour emergency kits as part of a grant program in 2010, but we no longer have this program.

  4. For kids, the shelf-life of the food is longer than that of the colouring books. What about something that would take several hours to read? What about a deck of cards or a boxed game?