Thursday, June 12, 2014

Remembering the June 2013 flood; response, recovery and the road ahead - Development & Building Approvals

Keeping the lights on.

Kevin Griffiths was among those whose homes were directly impacted by the flood waters in June 2013. As The City’s Chief Building Official at that time, Kevin put aside his own challenges and worked tirelessly with his team completing an astounding 10,000 home inspections on flood-affected homes within ten days following the flood. His team was also performing structural evaluations, critical for thousands of homes and buildings. Crews were working around the clock to help Calgarians get back on their feet and get their power restored. Additionally, inspectors were inspecting and approving the use of all gas appliances (water heaters and furnaces) which allowed gas to be turned back on in effected areas.

Hatching a plan.

Evacuated from his own home during the flood, City Senior Electrical Inspector Earl Hoefling worked almost non-stop in the first day of the flood in 2013. One of the calls Earl responded to was about a power shortage at the Sam Livingston Fish Hatchery, which was putting up to 300,000 fish at risk due to the failure of a second generator that was compromised in the flood. Earl’s quick thinking and coordination with local authorities discovered an electrical rerouting solution that allowed for the hatchery’s electricity to be restored within two hours, saving thousands of fish for Alberta’s rivers.

This was one of many instances in which Earl was able to help Calgarians get back on their feet. Mr. Hoefling was nominated as a Hero of the Flood by the Province.

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