Friday, June 13, 2014

Remembering the June 2013 flood; response, recovery and the road ahead - Calgary Housing Company

Housing assistance for Calgarians displaced after the flood.
Manchester Tower
The June 2013 flood left a small number of Calgarians displaced while their homes were unsafe to live in. In light of the urgent need for housing of some evacuees, the Office of Land Servicing & Housing and the Calgary Housing Company (CHC) developed a plan to assist all Calgarians who approached The City for assistance, including 23 families who required immediate emergency temporary housing. Some of the Calgarians in need of assistance had been living in the Emergency Social Services reception centres since the night of June 21, while others had run out of options for support from friends and family.

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All Calgarians who requested assistance by calling 311 or registering in person were assessed by the Calgary Housing Company. All applicants were required to provide proof of residence in a flood-impacted home, and those who qualified for affordable housing subsidies were approved for up to three month leases in CHC properties that were available through the typical monthly turnover of housing inventory. In some cases, the keys were handed over and tenants moved in on the same day. Those Calgarians who did not qualify for affordable housing were still helped, with information provided on available landlords who were able to assist with short term accommodations at market rental rates. The Office of Land Servicing & Housing co-ordinated implementation and status reporting of the program through the Recovery Operations Centre. 

In February 2014, Judy Wilkins and Heather Zaremba from the Calgary Housing Company were recognized for their compassion and caring in implementing the displaced residents housing program through the Province of Alberta’s "Heroes of the Flood” award.
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